Body language

Body language

As James BORG, author of the book “Body language” says “people believe what they see before they believe what is said…”

Body language accounts for more than 50% as far as perception is concerned from the public’s point of view. Before I believe what you say, I need to be comfortable with the way that you say it. Hands, arms, feet, eyes and the way we move in front of the public all play a part in how we will be perceived as we launch ourselves in to the difficult task of presenting a subject.

As there is no “non-communication” the public will pick up on everything that’s going on and will only be comfortable with us if they feel that what they see and hear seems to them to be natural and harmonious.

Ideally there needs to be congruency between what we are saying and what we are doing. This simply means that we need to connect:

Thoughts, Words and Actions. During my training sessions we will explore the 5 families of gestures that will help you to find adequate gestures to make sure you’re in sync’ with your discourse. Filming is essential here as it enables you to see exactly what happens when you present a subject.

We’ll also look at space management and how to optimize the coordination between the speaker, the support and the public.

I often say to the participants at my training sessions that the truth does not exist….it’s all a question of perception.

This is a video where David talks about some of the non verbal aspects of presenting:

David Tomlinson “La prise de parole en public”


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