Structuring a presentation

Structure is key to the success of any communication.

It must follow a logical, easy to follow path.
Presentations that I see, in general, are far too long. Remember that the attention span starts to wane after 20 minutes.

Most speakers tell me, that when they have a presentation to do, they dive into Power Point and start building the first slide. This is the best way to end up with too many slides….

I advise them to start by writing out the conclusion first (that’s where you want to go).

The next important part is the introduction with a good “hook” to trigger interest.

I remember a very distinguished Professor at a medical meeting in Copenhagen saying to doctors “a good presentation should have the conclusion as close as possible to the introduction.”

I propose a tried and tested method that you can apply to any presentation. It’s not only what you say and how you say it, but most importantly, in what order you deliver information.  Communication comes naturally for some peolple, but is a skill that can be learned.

Photo credit: Chris Halderman
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