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European Society of Cardiology 2018 in Munich

It’s quite a challenge when you’re invited to speak on a booth during a medical congress. There’s no fixed program, no timetable and the doctors just walk by the stand, generally in search of good coffee and something to eat. So, you start your presentation with one or two doctors who are just sitting there,…


Introduction to my iPhone app

TIPS – TIps to boost your Presentation Skills 46 short videos available at the  App store. Find practical tips on how to improve your presentation skills on the following themes: Presenting yourself, getting off to a good start every time Structuring a presentation Presenting Power Point correctly, the dos & don’ts Body Language, tips to give you…


The AEON studios in Hanau, Germany

A view of the AEON studios in Hanau, Germany, where the videos were filmed. “TIPS to boost your presentation skills” For more information concerning AEON’s activities go to:  www.aeon.de They have many communication assets to share with you.  


“Presenting from A to Z”

I wrote this booklet following your frequent demands for a support containing quick tips for your future presentations in order to help you with your communication skills. It’s comprised of a series of cards from A to Z where each letter of the alphabet deals with a specific aspect of presenting. There are also links to some of…



Example of an introduction in Cannes.

I’m showing this video to highlight some of the communication skills that I propose. The walk out trajectory moves toward the public. This arrival is silent because the public will “scan” before listening. The first words must answer the “what’s in it for me.” We call this a hook… The gestures are open toward the public, not too…